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As a retailer, you are building a brand.  You are building your own boutique clothing company.  You can order for your customers or your customers can shop directly on our website through your link.  You get a 40% commission from sales through the website and a 40% discount when ordering for yourself or customers.  There is a non compete contract that needs to be signed.  As a retailer, you have more accesss to brand and inside trade information.  You can also take advantage of our Boutique Box program for in person sales and events.
As an affiliate you are a social media influencer with the opportunity to sell boutique clothing with a 20% commission. Customers will shop our website from your affiliate link. Market Apparel will ship direct to your customers. You can be an affiliate with other companies as well. As a Market Apparel Affiliate there is no contract. Also as an affiliate you will receive 20% off retail for yourself!
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