Want to start your own clothing boutique but not sure where to start?
You have come to the right place!!  
 Start your business with Market Apparel.
  You can become a Retailer and start your own clothing boutique.
Or join our Affiliate program and make money from your social platforms.
Market Apparel is a Social Shopping Experience.
As a Market Apparel Retail Stylist you will create a personal shopping group online and in your local community.  You will be the owner of your very own clothing boutique!  And we have made it easy to get started.  You get to handpick the pieces you would like to sell in your boutique.  No need to overbuy in wholesale bulk, or have thousands of dollars in inventory on hand.  You can purchase wholesale pieces individually.  You can sell from your social platforms and order the clothing for your customers or send them directly to your shopping link and earn 40% commission on their purchases.
And you get 40% off retail for yourself!  As a Retailer you also have access to our Boutique Box program (more info below).
As an affiliate you are a social media influencer with the opportunity to sell boutique clothing with a 20% commission. Customers will shop our website from your affiliate link. Market Apparel will ship direct to your customers. You can be an affiliate with other companies as well. As a Market Apparel Affiliate there is no contract. Also as an affiliate you will receive 20% off retail for yourself!
.What is Market Apparel?
Social Media
Our public Facebook page is facebook.com/marketapparelshop
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What is Market Apparel?
Market Apparel is your source for everything you need to successfully start your own clothing boutique.  We do all the behind the scenes work - sales tax filing, sourcing, packaging, manufacturing . . . 
We have created a new social shopping experience.  Stylists (Retailers) start their online boutiques with their social circles - Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Stylists also sell clothing at home parties, pop up boutiques, and other vendor opportunities.  Stylists can also send their customers to shop directly from our website.  Any way you want to sell clothing is up to you - we want you to be successful in whatever direction you decide to take your boutique.
Is Market Apparel an MLM?
No, Market Apparel is not a multilevel marketing company.  We want our Stylists to focus on building their own boutiques.  However we do provide bonuses for any Stylists that you refer to sign up with Market Apparel.  Another major decision for not becoming an MLM is we are striving to keep our costs low, so our Stylists can keep their retail prices competitive.
What is a Market Apparel Stylist (Retailer)?
Market Apparel Stylists own and operate their own online or in-home Market Apparel boutique.  Selling only products and designs purchased directly from Market Apparel.  Stylists engage with their customers on a very personal level to see what styles they are looking for.  Stylists submit clothing requests and are able to hand pick the clothing for their boutiques.  As a Stylist you can presell clothing or purchase clothing and have in stock ready to ship inventory.
As a Stylist your customers can choose to have their items shipped directly to you at no charge.  As a Stylist you can choose if you want to charge shipping, flat rate, or no shipping.  Being able to ship the clothing your to your customers or offering local pick up, you can brand your boutique when you package your items for your customers.
Can I choose which items I purchase?
Yes!  You are the director and buyer for your boutique.  You will be able to choose all the clothing items from Market Apparels large selection of clothing.  Market Apparel releases new clothing inventory each week.  We sell current modest trends at affordable prices and are constantly updating and expanding with the latest styles, fits, fabrics and patterns.
Are the products sold in sets?
Market Apparel purchases in bulk to help reduce pricing.  We sell our clothing as individual pieces.  We offer sizes S-3X.  All ordering is done online through our website.
Can I return items I have purchased?
Because you are able to personally choose every design and style that you purchase, all sales are final and are not eligible for return; except in the case of a manufacturing defect. .
Will I need to file sales tax?
No.  Market Apparel syncs all of our Stylists paypal accounts to our tax software.  So we file and submit all sales tax forms and payments.  
Do I need any special licensing?
No.  Market Apparel has taken care of the special licensing and trademarks for you.
Some cities require that you register for a basic business license for your personal business.  All state licensing to buy and sell clothing is covered through Market Apparel.
How do I sell my clothing?
You may sell Market Apparel clothing via your home, social media accounts, local vendor opportunities, temporary pop ups & ecommerce.  You may not sell Market Apparel products on any flash sale sites or discount sites such as ebay, craigslist, Jane.com . . . 
How do I name my boutique?
You can choose your own name for your boutique.
Is there a limit to how many Stylists can sign up in an area?
Yes.  Market Apparel does have a saturation limit for our Stylist
per capita per city.
How much does it cost to sign up?
To sign up as a Market Apparel Stylist, it is $95. 
The $95 covers your first month of sales tax software and getting you set up in your state for sales tax reporting and filing.
After your first full month it is $19/mo.  This give you access to our website to sell directly to your customers and we will report and file all of your sales tax that we and you as a retailer collect.
How much money can I make as a Stylist?
Sales depends on how quickly and successfully you grow your customer base.
Co-Owner Jacqueline sold $600 in her first month and by month 5 she sold $12,000 in product, just as a part time side job.  You can grow your boutique as quickly or slowly as you prefer.  
Why Market Apparel?
Market Apparel takes all the guesswork, intimidating and time consuming details out of starting a clothing boutique.  We file and report sales tax to each state that you sell and ship product to.  We source and manufacture the latest trends and styles.  We spend all these behind the scenes hours working for you, so you can focus on your customers.  Market Apparel provides an innovative format that empowers you to move forward with confidence and success in owning, operating and designing your own unique clothing boutique.  Working together we are inspiring the creation of a new personal social shopping experience.
Boutique Box
.Boutique boxes are charged a minimum $150 (if you don't sell that much product, you'll want to keep a few remaining items to total a minimum of $150)
How do I sign up?
Visit our Become a Retailer page and submit the electronic application.
From there we will email you the initial start up process for either a Retailer or Affiliate - depending on which you choose.